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Robin Ehrlich Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

& enhance
your healing journey

Lymphatic Drainage Healing & Post Surgical Massage in NYC

Robin Ehrlich - LMT, N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist

 Post-Surgical Massage Recovery Expert

Certified  Manual Lymph Drainage Specialist

Certified Advanced Medical Massage Therapist

Certified Total Touch Practitioner

Therapeutic healing treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Post Surgical Massage

Post Surgical Recovery Massage 

Total Touch Reiki Healing

Total Touch - Energy Renewal

Get ready to feel better, and heal better.

My therapeutic approach focuses on personalized lymphatic massage techniques to reduce swelling, normalize tissue, and promote healing. Experience accelerated recovery with my expert touch, tailored precisely to your needs. Since 1983, I have been a leading figure in Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage in New York City.

"My treatment with Robin made all the difference after my Mommy makeover  liposuction procedures. I felt better and healed quickly. I had to attend a wedding for two weeks and after my procedures, I noticed the swelling decreased and bruising resolved quickly."

Chloe N.

"After my facelift, I experienced more swelling on one side more than the other. Robin decreased the swelling quickly. Now my face has finally healed evenly. I can't thank her enough!"

Jackie P.

"I felt like a new person after my manual lymph drainage for liposuction with Robin. I healed quickly after my treatment, my skin is smoother and I highly recommend her!"

Alina M.

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