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 Optimize your lymphatic system and heal beautifully.

Robin Ehrlich - LMT, N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist

Post-Surgical Massage Recovery Expert

Certified  Manual Lymph Drainage Specialist

Certified Advanced Medical Massage Therapist

Certified Total Touch Practitioner - Integrative Healer

Robin Ehrlich standing in a peaceful room in front of massage table

Therapeutic Healing Services

Woman laying down recieveing a shoulder massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Post Surgical Massage

Post Surgical Recovery Massage 

Total Touch Reiki Healing

Total Touch - Energy Renewal

 Get ready to start feeling better. 

It's time to let go of stress and anxiety and turn over a new leaf!  Your surgery is now behind you and my therapeutic assistance is carefully designed to manually decongest and normalize your connective tissue, skin and muscles.  My lymphatic massage technique promotes healing for your remodeling process and swelling resolution. You'll receive a personalized program of care that stimulates your lymph flow, reduces swelling, and normalizes fascial restrictions, commonly known as knots, adhesions or scar tissue. This pain-free targeted lymphatic massage and tissue normalization treatment will benefit you in your recovery. Soft, comforting, and gentle to moderate pressure is applied to speed your healing.  Techniques of Manual Lymph Drainage and specialized Post Surgical Massage including Scar Tissue Massage and Fascial release techniques may be utilized to accommodate your needs.
Fibrosis is addressed early to eliminate any lumps or unsightly bumps. Your customized treatment will also boost the immune system, alleviates fatigue, and transports sluggish tissue fluids out of the congested areas of your body. You'll feel smoother and look better with this treatment of accelerated recovery. My scientifically designed lymphatic massage will benefit the look and feel of your skin. You'll be coming back to the center, feeling like yourself again but only better! We welcome patients to experience the gratifying effects of expedited and enhanced healing. In most cases, you will be given post-surgical self-massage instruction and helpful tips.
The ultimate Post Surgical Massage care is now available for your faster recovery. With the Total Touch Technique, your Post Surgical treatment will include a reduction of physical stress, anxiety, and chronic muscular tension. Your body, mind, and spirit can begin to align and produce the healing results and comfort you seek at this time of physical and mental transformation.
Feel the difference an expert touch makes. I am committed since 1983  to serve your special Post Surgical Massage needs with Expert Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Advanced Post Surgical Massage.  I aim to speed your healing process.

"My treatment with Robin made all the difference after my Mommy makeover  liposuction procedures. I felt better and healed quickly. I had to attend a wedding for two weeks and after my procedures, I noticed the swelling decreased and bruising resolved quickly. My self-esteem was also boosted from all the positive post-surgical support received from Ms. Ehrlich."

- Chloe N.

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